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Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson

Two Ladyboys

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two ladyboys

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The grand day arrived and she already had cold feet. She said that she didn't want to go out and be seen walking through the streets with her husband and two ladyboys. Well, I had foreseen this. I told her to stay put in the room and I would go out and get a couple.( I am from a generation where this kind of behaviour was once accepted as fine). I no longer drink alcohol , so I didn't have to worry about being waylaid along the way. Pattaya is full of bars frequented by ladyboys and I had done some scouting in the days leading up to this, so I didn't waste much time. I chatted to a couple of pretty 'girls' explaining that I needed them to come back with me and entertain my wife for an hour or so. I explained that I didn't want them to have sex with her, just do some posing and whatever they thought would enhance the evening. They agreed and a fee agreed too. 041b061a72


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