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The Food & Mood Institute

At The Food & Mood Institute at Home For Balance we believe that eating disorders are treatable and recovery is possible. Our mission is to support every parent in the process of their child's recovery through online education and self-reflection, learning healthy parenting techniques and communication skills.

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Our Courses & Programs

Your Gateway to Success as a Parent in Your Child's Eating Disorder Recovery

The unique Food & Mood Institute online programs uses strategies for learning and personal growth as the foundation for all courses and programs. This approach creates a unique opportunity to prepare our participants for a new way to connect with their child and support their eating disorder recovery, embracing their uniqueness, and creating a new way to relate to them.
Whether your child has been recently diagnosed or has been on the path of recovery for some time or a long time, this is the right place for you. We offer different courses to support your journey as a parent at every stage of your child's  eating disorder recovery. Look through our current course offerings below to learn more.

Diet Salad

Introductory Course: The Journey of Parenting a Child who Struggles with their Relationship with Food and their Body

Getting Started

If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, this course is perfect for you. Through our modules you will gain a deeper understanding of eating disorders and the different treatment options that are available for your child. You also will learn skills to communicate with your child and increase their motivation to change and ultimately choose recovery. Due to high demand, we’ve recently added many new classes to ensure there’s an option for everyone. Interested in enrolling or learning more about our courses? Get in touch today. One of our team members will answer all your questions.

Taking Picture of Food

Intermediate Course:
Connecting with Your Child's Recovery

Deeper Understanding

Take It Up A Notch: Empowering Parents and Increasing Their Understanding of Eating Disorders, Treatment, and Recovery


This course has an emphasis in communication skills and is an excellent way for parents to learn more about the complexity of eating disorders in a way that is easy to understand. As one of the most popular courses we offer, there are classes you can take depending on your needs and time availability. Each class has a video lesson and 3 worksheets that encourage self-reflection and teach you new skills. If you’re interested in learning more about these courses, reach out and we’d be happy to help. Contact us directly at

Outside Dinner

Advance Course:  Parenting With a Purpose by Digging Deeper through Examining Your Own Relationship With Food, Feelings, and Your Body

Exceptional Progress and Rewarding Results

Food and Mood: Helping Parents Understand Eating Disorder Recovery - An Educational and Self-Reflective Online Course

Through this course our goal is to empower parents through the expansion of knowledge on eating disorders and the process of recovery by examining their own relationship with food and their body, their biases. and ways of coping. This 8 week course is a great way to begin or continue the journey of supporting your child's recovery by increasing your sense of empathy and understanding. We often find that those who enroll for our programs are unaware of the different ways they can support their child. Through this course you will be able to not only understand eating disorders better but apply new parenting techniques that model healthy behaviors to your child so they learn new ways to manage their emotions and relate to food and their body. This new way of parenting will enhance your connection with your child and support their recovery. Each week has a video lesson, worksheets and new tools to practice at home in their relationship with their child. You also will join our exclusive community forum for FREE! Contact us today to get more information about this program and about our amazing community of parents determined to defeat eating disorders.

Team work

Our Exclusive Parenting Community

Guaranteed Support

If you’re looking for optimal support and growth as a parent of a child who is working on eating disorder recovery, this close community is perfect for you and FREE for those enrolled in our online programs. This is a safe place to ask questions and learn from other parents' experiences. Get in touch today and one of our team members will answer all your questions. Only parents who are taking or have taken our courses are part of this exclusive community!

Explore Myths and Facts of Eating Disorders

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Medical Health & Medical Disclaimer

All Food & Mood online programs are intended as an educational guide only and are not meant to treat, diagnose, or prescribe any medical condition or psychological disorder. For any medical concern, physical symptoms, disease state or psychological issues, always consult with a qualified physician, psychotherapist, registered dietitians, psychiatrist or appropriate health care professional specialized in eating disorders. Our online programs and e-courses do not replace medical, psychiatric and psychological treatment and medication. Family therapy is highly recommended during the process of eating disorder recovery and our educational programs do not replace direct clinical work that is necessary with a qualified family therapist. The authors of these programs do not accept any responsibility for your physical and mental health or how you choose to use the information contained in the Food and Mood Institute online programs.

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