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Where Can I Buy Reef Sandals

Beach or city girl? These graceful sandals let you be both: Water friendly vegan leather is made for playing in the waves. The raw edge scallop is chic for picnics and urban exploring. With anatomic arch support and a durable outsole.

where can i buy reef sandals

Used by the legendary world champ surfer, Mick Fanning, these are the ultimate athletic sandals. They feature a water-friendly nubuck upper, an injection-molded EVA footbed with arch support, and a church key bottle opener built into the footbed.

Consistent comfort with cushioned bounce and support where it counts makes the Bounce Slim an all-new favorite. A slim, feminine strap, anatomical contouring with arch support, and a heel cup plus Reef's Cushion Bounce high-energy memory-free rebound add more comfort to every step than you've ever experienced before in a sandal.

Do we at REEF have a favorite sandal? Does a parent have a favorite child? Never. (But some favorites are more favorite than others. We love these perfectly proportioned sandals, with a soft double vegan leather strap, modern silhouette and rebound footbed. But if any of our other shoes asks, we never said this.)

Reef is a brand of casual sandals, known as thongs, created by two Argentine brothers, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre. In 1984, they moved from Argentina to the San Diego beach community of La Jolla, California, where they began Reef. Their product became popular amongst surfers and beach goers. Reef has subsequently grown into one of the world's leading active sandal manufacturers.[1]

Pacific Sunwear started selling Reef sandals about 15 years ago when it was all about rubber flip-flops for guys, Harmon said. Reef now also makes closed-toed shoes, footwear for females and apparel. Its leather sandals now sell for as much as $39 at PacSun.

"They share so many of the same core values I do when it comes to ocean conservation," Chesney says of his new partners in the release of the No Shoes Reefs sandal line. "I've worn their sandals for years, as have a lot of my friends down in the islands. When they wanted to work with us through No Shoes Reefs, I was delighted to have them become part of this work that's been so focused on local projects."

Fans who've attended Chesney's recent Here and Now tour shows have already gotten a first look at the new sandal line: They've seen a video on the big screen with a QR code that redirects to the Reef website. The sandal company already sold out of its first batch of No Shoes Reef sandals, due to high demand before Chesney's Los Angeles show.

VF had aspirations to develop Reef into a major lifestyle brand with a wide range of sandals and close-toe footwear offerings as well as a sizeable apparel offering. But the surf and action sports market underwent a sharp downturn underscored by the struggles of Billabong, Quicksilver and others. 041b061a72


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