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Method 2023.pdf

A series of methodology papers will be published for the ACO REACH Model in the summer of 2022. These papers will be updates to the GPDC Model methodology papers, including all financial papers, which are available on the GPDC Model webpage.

Method 2023.pdf

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These methods are approved alternatives to the methods required by 40 CFR Parts 60, 61 and 63 as described by the General Provisions of the corresponding Parts and as further explained in a Federal Register notice dated January 30, 2007. As such, the methods may be used by sources for determining compliance with the requirements of these Parts per their specified applicability provisions without further EPA approval. The Administrator, or designee (currently Steffan Johnson, Group Leader of the Measurement Technology Group in the Air Quality Assessment Division of the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards), has approved these methods for the specified applications; this approval has been documented through an official EPA letter. These methods include quality control and quality assurance procedures that must be met. The EPA staff may not necessarily be the technical experts on these methods.

All methods are offered as PDF documents. If you require an alternative format, please contact: Microbiology Section Laboratory Quality Assurance Staff, USDA/FSIS/OPHS 950 College Station Road Athens, GA 30605 Phone: (706) 713-5898

Concentration measurements of chemical and biological drug(s) and their metabolite(s) in biological matrices are used as part of regulatory decisions regarding the safety and efficacy of drug products. It is therefore critical that the bioanalytical methods used are well characterised, appropriately validated and documented in order to ensure reliable data to support regulatory decisions. The objective of the validation of a bioanalytical assay is to demonstrate that it is suitable for its intended purpose. This guideline is intended to provide recommendations for the validation of bioanalytical assays for chemical and biological drug quantification and their application in the analysis of study samples.

Rate Determination is a process conducted by the department to establish the reimbursement rate methodology, base rate amount or payment model for a MaineCare section of policy or for a specific covered service. Rate Determination is done through adoption or adaptation of a benchmark rate or methodology from another payer (e.g., private insurance, Medicare, another Medicaid agency) or developed through a rate study. Determinations may also lead to a rate study. 041b061a72


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