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Johnny Prasad
Johnny Prasad

Bully Wolf By Kayla Wolf

The Catahoula's history can be traced back to the 1500s. Spanish explorers in Florida and along the Gulf Coast began breeding the European mastiffs, bloodhounds and greyhounds they'd brought with them to a wolf-like dog that had been domesticated by the local Choctaws and other indigenous tribes. The Native Americans called these new mixes "wolf dogs." Centuries later, when the French settled around Catahoula lake in Northern Louisiana, they bred these cross-bred "wolf dogs" with their own hounds. This breed became the modern Catahoula Leopard Dog, which was named Louisiana's official state dog in 1979.

Bully Wolf by Kayla Wolf

Sarah The Wolf is a female wolf who is a huge Baldi's Basics and Montana Max fan who loves to draw and is very creative. She also likes playing video games, such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Baldi's Basics. Her all-time favorite cartoon TV show is Tiny Toon Adventures, and her most favorite character out of the whole show is Montana Max, who is the main antagonist of the show. Monty is a human in the TTA universe, but he is a dog in the HTFF universe.

Sarah is a teenage tomboyish light brown-haired gray wolf, who wears a green t-shirt with blue stripes (Located at the shoulder ends of the t-shirt), red shorts, and black shoes. But at certain times, like in the fall or winter season, she wears the same outfit as Montana Max does (A grayish-blue jacket, grayish-blue pants, a green shirt, and black shoes). 041b061a72


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