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Scarless Eye Bag Removal

In some cases, as determined by your surgeon in a consultation, the fatty pouches can be removed from behind your eyelid. This is called the trans-conjunctival approach because the incision is hidden on the inside of your eyelid (on the mucous membrane called the conjunctiva). The majority of the eye bag removal surgery in NY that I perform is from behind the eyelid. On occasion, I will recommend an in front of the eyelid incision if skin removal or eyelid muscle tightening is required.

Scarless Eye Bag Removal


For some people, a successful eye bag removal consists of fat removal only. But if there is under-eye and cheek hollowing, additional measures are taken. Fat from the lower eyelids can be shifted down to fill the under-eye hollows or fat injections are performed with cells taken from another part of the body. In this way, the bulging fat pouches are lowered and the sunken areas are filled, creating a more level, smooth shape along the eyelid and cheek.

I may be biased, but I feel a cosmetic oculoplastic surgeon is the best choice for your eye bag removal surgery. Other professionals trained in this procedure include fell0wship-trained facial plastic surgeons and general plastic surgeons that have significant facial cosmetic experience. Here in NY I perform this outpatient procedure in an accredited office-based surgical facility (most often) or in a hospital.

The Scarless Eye bag Removal is an office-based surgical procedure that eliminates the eye bag by getting rid of fat and excess skin from the lower eyelid without making any cut on the skin. The procedure can be performed in just under 20 minutes. The eye bag removal surgery is indeed a signature and niche procedure in our centre in Singapore and is performed under local anaesthesia. Contact Shens Clinic now to find out more about how you can remove your eye bags with our scarless eye bag removal surgery.

There is a minimal chance of experiencing any side effects if eye bag removal surgery is performed by a well trained and qualified plastic surgeon in Singapore. Having trained in Korea, Dr Shens has had more than five thousand cases completed and can provide quality care for patients.

Patients have been hoodwinked into believing that insertion of a needle with radiofrequency removes or melts fat permanently. What actually happens during this eye bag removal treatment is that multiple needles are punctures into the skin and delivers heat. These needles may sometimes burn the eye skin and leave pigments or permanent scars on the lower eyelids that are impossible to remove. The melted fat sometimes forms Cysts known as fat necrotic lumps. These lumps can only be removed surgically, and patients can often feel them in the lower eyelid, and it shows when you smile.

A similar non-surgical treatment to melt the fats causes a much-loathed swelling in the lower eyelids. The swelling can be a lot worse than the actual surgical removal of eye bags. It also causes similar side effects of the procedure as mentioned above. The price of treatment will vary but you can book a consultation with us for the exact laser eye bag surgery cost.

The simplest solution would be a procedure that targets the removal of the eye bags surgically. It is a fine and small incision within the lower eyelid skin. Having performed more than 1000 cases so far, Dr Shens uses a surgical technique that does not leave any visible scars on the skin. This eyebag removal procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, and it takes as much as 10 mins per eyelid.

Please contact Shens Clinic if you are considering scarless eye bag removal surgery in Singapore. Our trained professionals will provide all the information you may need and also answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

Most people are suitable for Scarless eye bag removal as long as they are in good general health. However, please do consult the surgeon before the procedure. He will advise you accordingly and propose alternatives if needed.

Scarless eye bag removal, otherwise known as transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty, is the removal of any fat or muscle which cause the eye bag to look puffy. This is done via an incision on the inside of the lower eyelid which, once healed, does not leave a visible scar.

The non-surgical eye bag removal uses high-intensity radio frequency and optic cannula technology to eliminate severe eye bags. This is done by restoring the consistency of tissue, skin, and muscle in the lower eyelid. You may have heard of AGNES eye bag removal, which is a similar procedure where radiofrequency is delivered to the eye area through small microneedles.

Unlike body fats, undereye fat does not return after eye bag removal, meaning both the surgical eye bag removal and the non-surgical treatment give long-lasting results. These results are visible immediately after the treatment.

These factors will need to be considered to determine the cost for eye bag removal treatment. Every treatment plan provided for your specific condition is highly customized to give satisfactory and natural-looking outcomes.

There are two options to remove your eye bags; mild eye bag concerns can be treated with non-surgical treatment solutions such as dermal filler injection or scarless eye bag removal treatment in Singapore. Individuals with more severe eye bag conditions may require eye bag removal surgery for better rejuvenation results.

A scarless eye bag removal only works for mild to moderate bags; Non-surgical eye bag removal treatment or traditional non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore involves the use of a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, injected using a thin needle deep underneath the actual eye bag just above the orbital bone.

In the past, there were fewer on-surgical treatment options and many had to go under the knife for eye bag removal. Surgery is a less preferred option for most people as it requires downtime. However, after decades of research doctors have found new, improved and non-surgical methods for eye bag removal which are able to address eye bags and dark circle concerns effectively.

At Dream, we offer two non-surgical eye bag removal treatments. While both treatments help to improve the appearance of the eye bags, they produce slightly different results. The doctor will understand your expected results before recommending a treatment that is suitable for you.

The Scarless Eye Bag Removal treats eye bag condition by removing fat tissues permanently from the under eye area. It uses a 600 micrometer (0.6 millimeter) needle-size laser to remove fat and water through an entry point that is almost invisible. This treatment takes around 30 minutes and requires a shorter recovery time as compared to surgical eye bag removal procedures.

A proper consultation with the doctor is crucial for us to understand your expectations and concerns before recommending an appropriate eye bag removal treatment solution for you. Do allocate a little more time for your first consult as we go through the following steps with you.

If you would like to view some before & after pictures or find out if our scarless eye bag removal treatment is right for you, contact us at 65 6871 8888 or fill in our enquiry form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

No, the non-surgical eye bag removal process is a non-invasive alternative to surgical eye bag removal. There are no incisions and stitches It usually takes the doctor 30 minutes to perform this and the patient is free to go after just one appointment.

Though the procedure does not involve any surgical intervention, taking care is beneficial for the patient. Extreme sports such as football, soccer, hockey, etc. carry a greater risk of injury (especially facial injury). For patients who have undergone eye bag removal (surgical or non-surgical), a facial injury is the last thing they would want to happen.

Under-eye bags are one of the most visible signs of ageing considering they are situated right under your eye and are hard to miss. This explains why eye bag removal is a common practice in Singapore and elsewhere.

The permanent eye bags require professional help and can be removed via cosmetic surgery or undergoing eye bag treatment without surgery. Let us take a look at everything that has to do with under eye bag removal in Singapore.

There are both surgical as well as non-surgical methods available for eye bag removal in Singapore and abroad. However, the same method might yield different results on different people as their conditions, genes, skin etc. might vary. Each method has its pros and cons. Here is a glance at them.

Eye bag removal methods can help to get rid of or reduce saggy eye bags, under-eye wrinkling, and asymmetrical lower eyelids. If performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, eye bag removal surgery can alter your appearance for the better and make you look youthful and fresh. Therefore, they are recommended for the elderly but only for those without severe or chronic health conditions. Getting tested before opting for a surgery would be a very wise decision.

Both surgical and non-surgical eye bag removal methods vary not just in their techniques but also their results. None of them can give you a drastic makeover but they can make a difference. While non-surgical eye bag removal methods may work out perfectly for some people with minor to moderate eye bags. They may not bring about as visible and prominent results for those with severe and permanent eye bags. Where surgical eye bag removal removes the root cause of the problem, which is excess fat, non-surgical methods manage it which is why the results of the latter are not as long running.

The price for eyelid surgery can vary by region, the experience of the surgeon, and other factors. Dr Wu has performed the transconjunctival (scarless) method for the last 32 years. Cost of the surgery ranges from $5950+950 ++ to $6350+950++


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