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Google Really, Really Wants Filmmakers To Try Its New VR Camera

Investing in a mirrorless or DSLR camera is an increasingly viable option for amateur filmmakers who want to produce high-quality videos without spending a ton on professional video gear. Many stills and hybrid cameras on the market have impressive internal video recording capability and support a variety of recording formats, codecs, and picture profiles, allowing you to control the creative process from shooting to editing. Generally speaking, when looking for a filmmaking camera, you should consider the camera's video resolution and frame rate options, whether or not it has in-body stabilization (IBIS), and design features like memory card slots and ports to attach peripherals like microphones or external monitors. Of course, budget and ergonomic preferences also play a big role in determining which camera is best for you.

Google Really, Really Wants Filmmakers to Try Its New VR Camera

We've bought and tested over 75 cameras, and below you'll find our recommendations for the best hybrid cameras for aspiring filmmakers to buy. If you're looking for a simpler, more affordable camera to create videos for online media platforms, check out our recommendations for the best cameras for YouTube. Otherwise, see our list of the best 4k cameras for the best 4k-capable cameras we've tested or the best cameras for the best all-around models we've tested.

Another great option for aspiring filmmakers is the Panasonic LUMIX GH5 II, a hybrid camera heavily geared toward videographers. It uses a Micro Four Thirds sensor instead of a full-frame sensor like the Sony α7 IV, which means working with a 2x crop factor and losing out on some depth of field and low-light capability. However, it still delivers excellent video quality, and it has a ton of resolution and frame rate options, including anamorphic modes to get a wider, more cinematic aspect ratio, as well as UHD and DCI 4k up to 60 fps. You also get Log profiles and 10-bit 4:2:2 4k recording (up to 30 fps) to capture more color information and give you more freedom to edit your footage.

The Sony α6600 is the best mid-range option we've tested for aspiring filmmakers. It's an excellent APS-C model with built-in image stabilization (IBIS), a sturdy weather-sealed body, and an exceptional battery life that can easily last through long recording sessions without overheating. Like the higher-end models mentioned above, you also get Log/flat picture profiles to preserve more detail in your videos. However, the camera is limited to 8-bit recording, so you'll have a harder time getting the most out of flatter Log profiles when grading and editing your footage. It also maxes out at 30 fps in 4k, although the camera can record at up to 120 fps in 1080p if you want to incorporate slow-motion shots.

Our top budget pick is the Sony ZV-E10. While it's marketed as a vlogging camera, this entry-level APS-C model has much to offer for videographers and filmmakers who don't want to spend a fortune on camera gear. It doesn't have a viewfinder like the Sony α6600, but the fully articulated screen is perfect for video work, and the camera's portable size makes it a breeze to shoot anywhere. Unfortunately, it doesn't have IBIS, but you can pair it with optically stabilized lenses or use a gimbal if you need to get smooth camera movements. It has excellent connectivity options, with headphone and mic jacks and a Micro HDMI port to connect an external monitor.

Thanks for your article, it was really helpful. I was already considering the Nikon D3500 with an 18- 140mm lens as an alround in-expensive travel camera for an upcoming trip where we really only want to travel with the bare minimum. We can get this as a kit lens in Aus. However, I was wondering about the comparison between the D3500 and the D5600 with the 18-140 mm which is also available as a kit?

Absolutely brill article thankyou! I have a question for you . . . Im a land artist in the UK and currently looking to invest in a camera to capture my artwork. Been using a samsung galaxy phone up till now but seriously need to upgrade as Im being asked for large prints! Im good with light and composition but have very little tech knowledge! So looking for the smallest simplest camera that is not a phone! that shoots in RAW for high quality large prints that I can carry easily and not have to think about! Ive been looking at the Sony RX100 V and wondering if the image quality will be good enough . . friends saying Sony Alpha series is better! Help! Getting confused with so much choice! Would really appreciate your opinion or advice :)) *artwork ranges from small macro creations to much larger woodland or river work

The Dual Pixel autofocus delivers fast, accurate subject tracking, and coupled with the responsive, 180 degrees tilting touchscreen, this compact mirrorless camera really is a lot of fun to use.

The original innovations of Ninja V continue to revolutionize the world of production. This lightweight, compact device has become an essential tool for filmmakers and video content creators everywhere. It offers ground-breaking advantages for HDR monitoring and RAW recording. Close partnerships with major camera manufacturers ensure that Ninja V is able to enhance an ever-widening range of digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. Ninja V will transform the way you work and provide you with new opportunities to realize your creative vision.

Atomos Cloud Studio (ACS) is a collection of online video production services that represent a radical innovation for all video creators, streamers, and filmmakers. When paired with ATOMOS CONNECT, ACS allows Ninja V to livestream to popular platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and custom RTMP/S destinations. It also offers full support for Adobe Camera to Cloud (C2C), powered by, allowing anyone with a compatible camera or device to be able to capture full-resolution footage, simultaneously share proxy files, and collaborate in real-time.

Adobe C2C is being used by production teams every day to share footage from the shoot with remote team members. C2C is the fastest, easiest, and most secure method to share media and collaborate in real-time. It creates a direct path from production to the post-production teams, allowing media to be transferred from C2C certified devices, wherever you are, over standard network connections to the cloud, for viewing, approval, and editing. Clips can be reviewed on any device and editors can start cutting high-quality proxy files (with matching timecode and file names) before anyone calls it a wrap. The ATOMOS CONNECT accessory for Ninja V opens the C2C workflow to a significantly wider range of digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras, allowing more filmmakers than ever before engage in cloud-based workflows and experience the future of production.* ATOMOS CONNECT required.

But, really, none of us knew if it was going to work or not until the last couple of weeks. We were still doing VFX reviews, I feel like in the last week before the release, the last possible second. It was really to the wire with all of it.

KOSINSKI: Well, it, the camera allows you to separate the recorder from the lens. So, by separating it, the lens is small enough that we figured out a way to mount six of them in the cockpit and hide the recorders down in the cockpit, where typically they have other equipment. So, we had the Navy strip out all the equipment they didn't need to fly the plane and we stuffed camera gear in those places. If you look really closely, while you watch the movie, you'll see little camera wires running along the edge of the cockpit, which we just left in there, because we just thought it was cool to see the gear that we used to shoot the film.

KOSINSKI: Yeah. You can affect it a lot in the grade. I mean, hopefully at that point, you've got a pretty good sense of what it is you're going for, even if it's a rough version in the Avid, but I like to do it with Claudio next to me, since he's the cinematographer, and we shot it together. It's fun. It's really, for me, it's a fun part of the process. 076b4e4f54


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