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What is Radionicki Prirucnik Imt 539 and why do you need it?

What is Radionicki Prirucnik Imt 539 and why do you need it?

Radionicki Prirucnik Imt 539 is a manual for the IMT-539 tractor, a popular model of agricultural machinery produced by Industrija maÅina i traktora (IMT), a Serbian manufacturer of tractors and other equipment. The manual contains detailed instructions on how to operate, maintain, repair and troubleshoot the tractor, as well as technical specifications, diagrams and illustrations.

If you own or use an IMT-539 tractor, you need Radionicki Prirucnik Imt 539 to ensure that your machine is working properly and safely. The manual will help you to understand the features and functions of the tractor, as well as to prevent and solve any problems that may arise during its use. The manual will also help you to extend the lifespan and performance of your tractor by providing you with tips and recommendations on how to care for it.

Radionicki Prirucnik Imt 539

You can find Radionicki Prirucnik Imt 539 online in PDF format on various websites, such as Scribd[^1^] or Google Books[^2^]. You can also listen to an audio version of the manual on Zeno.FM[^3^], a platform that allows you to create and listen to radio stations. Alternatively, you can buy a printed copy of the manual from IMT or from authorized dealers and distributors.

Radionicki Prirucnik Imt 539 is an essential resource for anyone who owns or operates an IMT-539 tractor. It will help you to get the most out of your machine and to enjoy its benefits for many years.

The history and popularity of IMT-539 tractor

The IMT-539 tractor was first produced in 1980 by IMT, a Serbian company that was founded in 1947 as a metal institute and later became a leading manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery in the former Yugoslavia. The IMT-539 tractor was based on a Massey Ferguson licence and featured a 2.5L 3-cyl diesel engine that delivered 39 hp (29 kW) of power. The tractor had a 6-speed transmission, a manual steering, an open operator station, a rear PTO and a hydraulic hitch. The tractor had a wheelbase of 72 inches (182 cm), a weight of 3,594 lbs (1630 kg), a fuel tank capacity of 9.2 gal (34.8 L) and could use front tires of 6.00-16 and rear tires of 11.2-28.[^1^]

The IMT-539 tractor was one of the most popular models produced by IMT, along with the IMT-533 tractor that had 33 hp (25 kW) of power. These tractors became popular in Yugoslavia and other countries because they were reliable, easy to handle, manoeuvrable and capable. Their popularity resulted in the advancement of mechanisation and modernisation in rural areas. The IMT-539 tractor was also exported to England and sold as the Marshall 132.[^2^] In 1988, IMT recorded its largest annual production in history - 42,000 tractors and 35,000 machines.[^3^]

However, after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the economic crisis that followed, IMT faced many difficulties and challenges that affected its production and sales. In 2015, the company ceased production and went into bankruptcy procedure, with 186 million dollars of accumulated debt.[^4^] In 2018, the company was sold to the Indian manufacturing company TAFE , which plans to revive the brand and continue producing tractors and machinery for domestic and international markets.[^4^] 0efd9a6b88


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