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How to Enjoy Smooth Doom Monsters Only Mods

How to Enjoy Smooth Doom Monsters Only Mods

Smooth Doom is a popular mod for the classic first-person shooter game Doom that enhances the graphics and animations of the original game. Smooth Doom adds more frames, smoother movements, dynamic lights, and other effects to make the game look more modern and realistic.

smooth doom monsters only

However, some players may prefer to keep the original gameplay and weapons of Doom, and only enjoy the improved visuals of the enemies. For those players, there are several mods that offer Smooth Doom monsters only, without changing anything else in the game. These mods replace all the original enemies of Doom with those of the Smooth Doom version, making them more detailed and varied.

Some examples of Smooth Doom monsters only mods are:

  • Smooth Doom Only Monsters Edition V.1.0: This mod is compatible with Brutal Doom, a mod that adds more gore, dismemberments, headshots, executions, and other features to make the game more brutal. This mod can be downloaded from Mod DB[^1^].

  • DSDR monsters only: This mod is an edited version of Smooth Doom with enhancements and fixes. It is compatible with Delashin's Smooth Doom Remake, a mod that improves the graphics and sounds of the game. This mod can be downloaded from Mod DB[^2^].

  • SmoothDoomMonstersOnly (updated mar/23/21): This mod is an offshoot that is rendered completely different than the previous ones. It has different optimizations and features, such as blood splatters on walls and floors. This mod can be downloaded from Mod DB[^3^].

To install these mods, you need a source port that supports GZDoom or Zandronum engines, such as GZDoom or ZDL. You also need the original Doom or Doom II game files (WADs). Then, you just need to drag and drop the mod files (ZIPs) onto the source port executable or use a launcher to load them.

With these mods, you can enjoy a smoother and more immersive experience of fighting against the demons of Hell in Doom. Have fun!

Smooth Doom monsters only mods are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer some gameplay advantages. For example, some enemies have more varied attacks and behaviors, such as the Imps throwing faster fireballs, the Cacodemons spitting acid blood when hurt, or the Cyberdemon firing rockets in bursts. These changes make the enemies more challenging and unpredictable, requiring the player to adapt their strategies and tactics.

Another benefit of Smooth Doom monsters only mods is that they are compatible with most other Doom mods that do not alter the enemies. This means that the player can mix and match different mods to customize their Doom experience. For instance, the player can use Smooth Doom monsters only with mods that add new weapons, maps, music, sound effects, or gameplay features. The possibilities are endless.

Smooth Doom monsters only mods are a great way to enjoy Doom in a new light. They enhance the graphics and animations of the enemies without changing the core gameplay and feel of the original game. They also add some variety and challenge to the combat, making it more fun and engaging. If you are a fan of Doom and want to try something different, you should give these mods a try. e0e6b7cb5c


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