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Yeremey Savin

Sapiens Free Download (v0.3.6) !LINK!

All datasets used for this work are publicly available, were downloaded with permission or were directly requested from the authors. Samples from Ibarra et al. (PRJNA517339), Toden et al. (PRJNA574438) and Chalasani et al. (PRJNA701722) were downloaded from the Sequence Read Archive with the respective accession numbers. Reads were mapped to the reference human genome (hg38). For data from Munchel et al., sample gene count tables were directly downloaded. Tissue gene lists and NX counts were downloaded from the Human Protein Atlas (, version 19). GTEx raw expression data were directly downloaded ( , GTEx analysis version 8). Tabula Sapiens was downloaded from the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub (, version 1.0). The brain single-cell data were downloaded with permission from Synapse ( !Synapse:syn18485175), and associated ROSMAP metadata were downloaded with permission from Synapse ( !Synapse:syn3157322). The liver Seurat object was requested from Aizarani et al. For the placenta atlases, a Seurat object was requested from Suryawanshi et al., and AnnData were requested from Vento-Tormo et al. Kidney AnnData were downloaded ( , Mature Full dataset). Source data are provided with this paper.

Sapiens Free Download (v0.3.6)


The WGS data for Illumina Platinum Genomes (17 individuals from CEPH/Utah pedigree 1463) are available from the European Nucleotide Archive under accession PRJEB3381 [58]. The WGS data for 14 individuals from the 1000 Genomes Project [57] and the WES data of 29 HapMap samples [35] are available through the data portal of the International Genome Sample Resource website [59]. The WGS data for AK1 [40] are available from the Short Read Archive of the National Center for Biotechnology Information under accession number SRP068953 [60]. The complete list of direct links used to download the data is in Additional file 1: Table S8. Kourami (version 0.9.6 [61]) is open source under the 3-Clause BSD license (OSI-compliant) and freely available at -Group/kourami. It is implemented in Java and supported on Linux and Mac OS X. 041b061a72


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